Smartcard - Explorer - Set

The Smartcard - Explorer - Set contains all necessary components for reading, writing, emulation and logging of smartcards:

Included in the set are:

Artikel 00115 MAKInterface Pro LP with build-in crystal 3.579 MHz and exchangeable crystal 6.0 MHz

Article 00305 RS232 extension cord 1.8m, 25 to 9 pole D-SUB

Article 00505 Universal, assembled smartcard PCB with one normal and one small smartcard socket for ISO7816, Goldwafer and Atmel smartcards (FunCard, Jupiter1)

Article 00522 Emu/Log connection cable for 00524, Season1 and Season2 compatible

Article 00524 Smartcard Emulator & Datalogger (Normal) + IC Socket. Goldwafer, Goldwafer2, Jupiter1, Funcard, Season1, Season2 compatible

By combination of its components, the Smartcard - Explorer - Set fullfils following skills:

LudiPipo Programmer - for das programming of PIC microcontroller und seriell EEproms

AVR/SPI Programmer - for programmieng of Atmel microcontroller

Phoenix / Smartmouse Programmer - (3.579MHz und 6.000MHz) for programming of T=0, T=1 and other asynchrone smartcards and external EEproms of PIC and Atmel AVR smartcards

DumbMouse Programmer - for programming of various synchrone und asynchrone smartcards

PC/SC Smartcard Programmer - for programming of T=0, T=1 and other smartcards using the PC/SC protokoll

Season1 Smartcard Emulator - for emulation of asynchrone smartcards using the PC

Season2 Smartcard Emulator - for emulation of asynchrone smartcards using the PC

Universal PCB. By placing of appropriate ICs (to be purchased separately) into the sockets of the PCB, various smartcards can be emulated, as for example:

  • Goldwafer, Piccard (16F84+24LC16)
  • Goldwafer2, Piccard2 (16F876/7+24LC64)
  • Jupiter1 (Atmel AVR 90S2343+24LC16)
  • Funcard2 (Atmel AVR 90S8515+24LC64)
  • Funcard3 (Atmel AVR 90S8515+24LC256)
  • MegaFUN (Atmel AVR Mega161+24LC64)